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Yacht charter in Croatia with Tilia – Split, Dubrovnik and Biograd

Split, Dubrovnik and Biograd

Sukosan, Split, Dubrovnik

We love to travel in the most special yacht rich in exclusive entertaining facilities and visit villages where we can explore wonderful things. We have visited Sukosan, Dalmatia on the third day of our tourism in this country.  We were stunned with the nature and a distinctive lifestyle of every resident in this village. We visited Northern Velebit, Paklenica, Krka, Pltvice Lakes, Kornati and other national parks in this beautiful village. We were happy to spend our daytime by playing games outdoor and dancing in the most exclusive locations. We have taken photos during the most special moments of our celebration in this village. We were pleased by the welcoming response and the overall support of residents all through our stay in this village.

Sukosan in Croatia

Enjoyed our vacation in the beautiful country Croatia
Everyone must travel to different places in their lifetime then only they are able to see all the beautiful and unbelievable things that god has created in this world. I am one among the persons who love to travel. In fact my wife is also the same kind of person so we use to explore different places that we have not visited before. Similarly this time we were looking for a new place to spend our vacation. Generally i use to select the place and my wife will not say no to that place. This time i wanted her to select the place so she was searching for the best place on internet and find out Croatia. Then i contacted my friend who runs the tourist agency and asked him to arrange our transportation and accommodation. He booked our tickets to Dubrovnik which is the popular city in Croatia. We landed there in the midnight and we moved to our hotel and complete rest.
Day 1: Dubrovnik
It was our first day in the city Dubrovnik. We were very excited to explore the beautiful places in and around the city. We first found a restaurant and had our breakfast. The food was delicious and it was a great start for us in Croatia. Then we planned to roam around the city and visited the nearby important places. It was very excited to see all those historic buildings in the city. We took lot of photographs. My wife said that she feels hungry therefore we find a restaurant for our lunch.
Before we came to Dubrovnik i was just searching for some good places to visit in the city. I found an island Lokrum which is close to the city. Therefore i planned for a yacht charter and get into the sea. Actually this is the first time that we are travelling in a yacht hence it was very exciting. We reached the island and spend few hours by roaming around the gardens and historic buildings in the island. It was a great day for us.
Day 2: Split
On our second day, we planned to visit a nearby city named Split. I hired a car and we travelled by road. It was a great experience to drive an open car in the Adriatic coast road. We could see the seashore throughout the travel and also we have seen some astonishing sceneries on our drive. We reached split and we had our breakfast first. Then we started exploring the important places such as Ivan Mestrovic gallery, Cathedral of Saint Domnius, Diocletian’s palace and Marjan etc. All those places were astonishing and the main thing that attracted us very much is the architecture of the buildings that we have visited. We have many images of those buildings.
In the evening, we went to Croatia National Theatre and we have seen some interesting plays performed by the Croatia (Croatian) people. It was a great experience for us in Split and we enjoyed a lot in this beautiful city.Crossroads Pharmacy

How about you? Do you like yacht charter in Croatia?

There are a few hints, who we can help you with yacht rent in Croatia:

  • first you need to specify the region: is it Split, Dubrovnik, Pula or maybe Sibenik or Sukosan?
  • then gather the crew, so that you know, how many cabins you will need: 2 for a small family, 3 for a families or 2 families, 4 for a group of friends or 5 for really big party! 🙂
  • it is important now to assess a budget for the whole charter. If you sum up fuel, marinas, food, skipper, you should know more or lesss how much that will be.
  • Then select a yacht, the newer the more expensive, but also less risk that it will break down during the whole charter, compare here: Croatia yacht charter
  • Then find, what to visit: Brac, Hvar, Split, Trogir or Korcula: here is some help: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/croatia
  • Now, search for yacht, rent it online, find a skipper and sail